Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Taylors College Petaling Jaya's Roadshow & Class to Class Announcement

College's roadshow is up!! Woo..! It was a tiring and fun day for everyone. We were told to be @ Courtyard as early as 7.30am as the class-to-class announcement starts at 8.

Everyone brought 2 present box as decoration and 2 cups for the "Toss & Win'' game. We were divided into 2 groups, Dilian, Jane, Alice, Julius and Ley Vin were in charge for Block A, while Vanessa, Soo Hui, Edmund, Calista and vinny were on Block B. Pavitirah was in charge of taking care of the props.
Well, I've here with me pictures of class to class announcement, preparation of roashow and pictures during the roadshow! Do enjoy as you know, picture speaks a thousand words! :))

proPassion members

Soo Hui gave a short briefing to everyone right before the class to class announcement.

Ley Vin & Edmund

Ley Vin and Adrian

Class to class announcement at Block A
Class to class announcement at computer lab Block B
proPassion members singing our very own birthday song!

Preparation of roadshow

Our beautiful birthday cake decoration

Toss & Win area

Ticket sales and goodie bags redemption area

Adrian creating awareness among students in campus.

Julius was the mascot during the roadshow.

Creating awareness around campus by Vanessa and team!

Some were really interested on our event.

That's all about our wonderful roadshow. End of the day, everyone was satisfied with the roadshow. Good job proPassion members!

Updates: Ticket sales are selling real fast! Grab your tickets now before it's too late!