Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Taylors College Petaling Jaya's Roadshow & Class to Class Announcement

College's roadshow is up!! Woo..! It was a tiring and fun day for everyone. We were told to be @ Courtyard as early as 7.30am as the class-to-class announcement starts at 8.

Everyone brought 2 present box as decoration and 2 cups for the "Toss & Win'' game. We were divided into 2 groups, Dilian, Jane, Alice, Julius and Ley Vin were in charge for Block A, while Vanessa, Soo Hui, Edmund, Calista and vinny were on Block B. Pavitirah was in charge of taking care of the props.
Well, I've here with me pictures of class to class announcement, preparation of roashow and pictures during the roadshow! Do enjoy as you know, picture speaks a thousand words! :))

proPassion members

Soo Hui gave a short briefing to everyone right before the class to class announcement.

Ley Vin & Edmund

Ley Vin and Adrian

Class to class announcement at Block A
Class to class announcement at computer lab Block B
proPassion members singing our very own birthday song!

Preparation of roadshow

Our beautiful birthday cake decoration

Toss & Win area

Ticket sales and goodie bags redemption area

Adrian creating awareness among students in campus.

Julius was the mascot during the roadshow.

Creating awareness around campus by Vanessa and team!

Some were really interested on our event.

That's all about our wonderful roadshow. End of the day, everyone was satisfied with the roadshow. Good job proPassion members!

Updates: Ticket sales are selling real fast! Grab your tickets now before it's too late!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Mock Birthday Cake!

Hello all!

Our mock birthday cake is done! All thanks to Vinny and Alice for this amazing delicious looking cake! The cake is made out of Styrofoam box, coloured paper, glitter, ribbon and wah lah it's done! We can see the afford they put to create this mock birthday cake! Good job girls. This certainly is a good one!

Birthday cake looking good?

D'Ultimate Birthday Bash, 3rd October @ Barcelona! See you there!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Birthday Song

Present to you our very own birthday song~~

Thanks Adrian for the creative song!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Counting down.....

12 more days to go!
Are you excited!! Yes, we are!
All the best to proPassion members!

P/S: I've removed the orange colour banner on top of our proPassion banner! Now our blog looks better! Agree?


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Roadshow @ Pavillion

They started the roadshow at 1.30 om until 5.00pm. Dilian, Nelson, Pavitirah and Calista were in charge. They were at Pavillion's DiGi Centre located need Food Republic. Unfortunately, it wasn't a very strategic place but the team still manage to shoot a total of 3 videos but no tickets were sold on that day.

Dilian said that Pavilion is extremely quiet and even when they sang the Birthday Song, the rest of the people gave them an unpleasant look. It was not an easy roadshow for them. But anyway, at least they tried their best. Good job guys!!

And here are the pictures!!

The Dubberz Crew! Pavitirah, Calista, Dilian and Nelson

Calista was wearing the sandwich board while Dilian was the host!

Pavitirah and Nelson busy approaching people!

Nelson looking great here! Pavitirah the mascot, Calista with the sanwich board and Dilian as the host!

Pavitirah was the mascot!

Everyone looked so elegant and great in the roadshow!
This is our fourth roadshow! If you guys missed our previous roadshows, don't forget to meet us at our final roadshow which is on the 25th of September @ Urban Attics, Capsquare!Hope to see you there!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Roadshow @ Changkat Bukit Bintang & Jalan Alor

Hi all! We're back with updates from our last roadshow!! Julius, Lilian, Vinny and Alice was on duty for last Friday's roadshow in Changkat Bukit Bintang. It was supposed to be in Cloth & Clef but the crew took the initiative to walk from Changkat Bukit Bintang to Jalan Alor!!! Good job guys! They were there from 10 - 12.30 am. Julius was the camera man, Alice and Lilian was the host and Vinny was wearing the sandwich board. A total of 4 videos were recorded that night. *clap clap*

And here are the pictures of the night!

Presenting...... The Dubberz Crew!
From left, Dubberz AlAl, Dubberz Juju, Dubberz LiLi and Dubberz ViVi

Even foreigners were interested in our event!

Dubberz LiLi busy giving out flyers!
Dubberz ViVi the sanwich board lady!

Dubberz JuJu in the process of recoring the video.

As we can see from most pictures, Dubberz AlAl is busy promoting DUBB!
It was a tiring but worthful night for the Dubberz Crew! A big thank you for the effort and hard work that you guys put in. Next update would be the roadshow @ Pavillion's DiGi Centre!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Well well, we're back! Alice and Pavitrah made a good job with the mascot!! With only a big box, yellow wrapping paper and blue ribbon. And the pictures below show the process of the mascot!

Alice and Pavitrah pay full attention to create the mascot!

Ignore the mess behind.

Did any of you met Pavitrah the mascot last Friday in Pavilion?

Credit goes to Pav and Alice for the mascot!
Do follow us on our next roadshow to win amazing prizes!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Curious of how our sandwich board looks like?



And this is the front of the board.

The back.

Credit goes to Soo Hui & Vanessa! Great job girls!

Love our sandwich board? Looking forward for our next road show??
Check us out at today @ DiGi Centre, Pavilion from 1-5pm and Cloth & Clef tonight at 8-12am!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A trip to the actual event venue.

Yesterday we had our meeting in Bar Celona.
It was such a good opportunity for the creative team to have an overlook of the place. Client requested balloons to be decorated along the registration booth. The creative team will have to work this out.
Meanwhile, the events team have to come out with a sandwich board, 5 different story line (prank), moc mic and mascot. The sandwich board have to be clarify by Mypartners before the roadshow. All have to be done before this Friday!
Good luck and all the best to both teams!
It was only a short meeting and that's about it!

Stay tune for more updates!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Class meeting & name tags are done!

Hello guys, we are back! Today we had our usual class meeting. 24 days to go to the event. Everyone is working on a tight schedule to complete our individual task. All the best to MarComm Team, Events Team and Creative Team!

Below are some pictures of the meeting:

This is Mr. Ramly. He collected RM2 from Julius for being late!

Our name tags are done! Thanks to the creative team! *clap clap*

Creative Department manager and executive!

Christin, Account Executive & Calista, R&D Executive.

Look at the amount of meeting minutes we have now! More to come..

That's all for now, bye folks!